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Commercial Air conditioning Installation


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New commercial Air Conditioning Installation In Jacksonville

Putting in a new commercial air conditioning system is far more complicated than you might think. In fact, it’s not at all uncommon for homes and businesses to run systems that are inadequate for their needs. They might be too powerful or not powerful enough or simply the wrong type of unit. Huggins Heating & Air understands that the most important part of the air conditioner installation process is the first one—customization. 

Your air conditioning system is only as good as the quality of the installation regardless of the brand of equipment.

After many years helping to cool North Florida families during our hot and humid summer months, your Jacksonville A/C system may suffer a breakdown. Huggins Heating & Air will be sure you are able to reach your desired level of comfort, with a new commercial Jacksonville Air Conditioning installation for your business or office.

Expert commercial Air Conditioning Installation

We offer Jacksonville commercial air conditioning installation of various makes and models from the most popular brands in Jacksonville such as Daikin and Trane. If your old air conditioning unit is not performing correctly, especially with the newer and more efficient updated models available, give us a call.

Start saving money and energy now by having Huggins Heating & Air to advise you on your next commercial air conditioning system.

5 Signs You Should Consider Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Your commercial air conditioner will begin to give you small signs that it needs to be replaced. Here are five of the most typical ones.

  1. You often need repairs. As your commercial air conditioner advances in years, it loses energy efficiency and more likely to problems. If we’re often at your house for air conditioning repairs, it might be time for a new commercial air conditioner.

  2. Repairs exceed more than half the cost of a new commercial air conditioner. Repairs swiftly add up. When they’re greater than half the cost of a new commercial air conditioner, it’s recommended to replace yours.

  3. Your commercial air conditioner is older than 15 years old. With proper air conditioning maintenance, your cooling system could last 20 years. However, it’s smart to start planning for replacement around the 15-year mark so it’s not unexpected.

  4. Your commercial air conditioner has R22 refrigerant. If your air conditioner was installed prior to 2010, it potentially has R22 refrigerant. This refrigerant isn’t being made anymore due to its damaging effects on the ozone layer. Because R22 has been discontinued, repairing a refrigerant leak would be very expensive.

  5. You want to reduce your electrical costs. Purchasing an ENERGY STAR® air conditioner and linking it with a smart thermostat is a good approach to save on energy expenses. Even if you’re replacing an air conditioner that’s only 10 years old, the Department of Energy says a more efficient air conditioner could save you 20–40% on cooling expenses.

At Huggins Heating & Air, our Experts will collaborate with you to pick the right model for your budget. We’ll also do a Manual J Heating and Cooling Load to confirm right sizing.

We know that needing a new commercial air conditioner can be an emergency you’re not completely financially ready for. That’s why we have flexible financing. For just one low monthly fee, you’ll receive a new air conditioner. You won’t require a down payment, and installation costs, annual maintenance and repairs are all included. Plus, you’ll get to hold on to any valuable manufacturer’s rebates.

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